How to Cure White Spots on Skin

Leucoderma or vitiligo the medical name for white spots that emerge on the skin. The white spots occur when the skin loses the capacity to create color at specific points because of environmental or genetic factors. These white spots come into view as patches without any pigmentation on the skin.

These spots are usually seen in people who have autoimmune diseases. One such condition is the adrenocortical lack. This disease occurs when the adrenal gland accountable for the production of corticosteroids does not function normally and there is a lack of the hormone level in the body. If the white spots on your skin appear as a result of this state, then the physician would probably propose you some corticosteroid cream.

Another option for the treatment of the white spots is false phototherapy or exposure to sunlight for a long time. Melanocytes are cells that are accountable for the pigmentation of the skin. When these cells stop functioning normally and the manufacture of pigment ceases then white spots can appear on the skin. Exposure of the exaggerated part of the skin to the light for a long time can help these cells become active and reduce the white patches on the skin. Recent studies have also shown that it is possible to transfer the melanocytes from one part of the skin to an additional. This can help in curing of the white patches totally.

You can also try some homemade remedies for curing the white patches. Take some radish leaves and grind them to form a thick paste add some white vinegar and set aside the mixture overnight. Apply this over the affected area the next morning and leave the application on the skin for a few hours. The mixture has some response with the skin, and within a period of two weeks you will notice a change in your skin color.

You can also make use of mustard seed oil and turmeric. Mix turmeric in water in a 1:8 proportion and heat the combination until the consistency reduces to 20%. Let this mixture cool and then add mustard seed oil almost half a liter and heat again to make the water fade away preserve this paste and apply it over your skin everyday for few hours.

You can also use red clay varied with ginger powder and vinegar. Make a paste and apply it on your skin. Let it dry and wash with lukewarm water this will help you in getting back the pigmentation on your skin.

The white patches on the skin can efficiently be covered with makeup. But, it is advise that a proper medical check should be done to know the cause of incidence of these patches and to determine the right cure for them. If the disease runs in the family then there are less chances of getting it cured completely. Also, there are a number of medical circumstances that can cause leucoderma; hence it is advisable that you consult a dermatologist, who can advise you on which would be the best therapy for you. Usually, doctors propose topical treatments, but if the state is severe then you might be put on oral therapy.

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  2. Informative post about cure vitiligo!!! vitiligo is a social issue for past several decades and and this disease affected around 3% of world population. Natural way of curing is the best method to get healthy life and its has no side effect.

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